A little more polish

In the interests of keeping this project as distributable as possible, I worked out a way to embed the level files into the executable - now when you launch it, you'll instantly get the start screen and be able to interact with the dungeon that's included. You can also get into editor mode to build your own levels, although I don't think that Play Mode works with custom levels anymore because of what I had to do to get embedded levels working.

I also spent a little bit of time polishing up the panels that you see throughout the game; they're a bit easier to read now (but still nice and chunky).

I'd still like to work on making your sword work so that you can take out enemies as you encounter them, instead of playing the stealth game you are now - but the deadline for this project is March 15th, and if I don't finish that part by then - this will just be a stealth game.