A wild build appears!

I've made a lot of progress on Spacefight, so it seemed like time to do up another build (it looks drastically different from the build before). While I haven't had time to add any props to give you more to focus on than the other player and there's a really ugly UI, it's still much different from before. Here's everything I can think of that's changed:

1. The background stars are now colorful.

2. The background now has parallax.

3. Another weapon has been added (you can swap weapons with the triangle button)

4. Screen dimensions changed so that the play area is square for both players.

5. Ships are a little smaller now (maybe too small?)

6. Really bad programmer UI (only some of it works - more will come).

7. Players are now randomly placed, instead of being directly diagonal from each other.

8. The compass is a lot worse.

9. There is no ninth thing.

10. Bullets now properly come from the center of your ship, instead of being offset to the right.

11. Ships now have health and don't die instantly when they get hit (this is important for some of the props I have in mind).

Known issues:

1. The machine gun sounds like a lawnmower.

2. There is a noticeable slow-down when the garbage collector kicks in.

3. The afterburner part of the UI does nothing!

4. There is no out-of-bounds notification; you can fly out of bounds and then the background gets very boring.