I made Pong!

Controls are: up and down arrows for right player, w and s for left player. Click to reset when the game is over.

I stole most of the calculations from this rubyconf video, because I don't remember enough math.

This was the first project where I've had to deal with a memory leak before; I'm pretty sure it's solved now, but it was frustrating to track down (protip: all your objects should be able to deconstruct themselves and their event listeners).

But still - Pong!

Tic Tac Toe

I made a very basic Tic Tac Toe game. For this one I tried to build it all within an entire screen - while Hangman jumps around and transitions from screen to screen, this game is just a single screen that gets re-used when the game is over (or replayed).

Over the course of building this, I also wound up with some utility code that makes text formatting and transitioning from screen to screen a little simpler. And I discovered that I don't really enjoy writing AI code.

If I'd spent a little bit more time working on the AI I could have made it actively block you; while I was researching I found some code to do it, but I figured this was good enough for now. I'm bad enough at Tic Tac Toe that it still beats me periodically, apparently.


I made Hangman. It has some (loose) difficulty levels, and the text to display the letters you have left to guess is dynamically sized based on how long the word is (to see it in action, play on Hard a few times).

Overall I feel pretty good about how this went - there were some stumbles as I picked up enough AS3 to know what I was doing, but as my skills improved I got a lot closer to being able to write what I meant and have it Just Work. While it probably won't win any design awards, I'm pretty happy with my results so far.